Thought Rocket Studio

What if you could have a coach every time you needed one?

ThoughtRocket Studio is a multimedia center designed to have the exact answer to the challenge you’re facing today.

Please go ahead and explore the ThoughtRocket Studio… it’s designed just for you.


Personal Coaching

The studio has over 30 single-topic, video coaching sessions:
Each session is 1 to 3 minutes long, providing answers to the most persistent office questions I got on the American Dream Project tour across America… just look at the directory of topics and dive in.

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Habits of Happiness/ Success Shortcuts

Very short, mind expanding video challenges on the things extremely happy, extremely successful people do… that you can too. It’s simple… watch – do – change your BAM… then see how your results change. It’s all right here.

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Recorded Webinars

Three webinars – 5-Star Career, Free Yourself and Achieving Work-Life Harmony pack more actionable information into 30 minutes than most day-long seminars

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