(TR#256) The Four Rewards You Need to Get Things Done

WHAT IF….a personal reward system can help you get things done? RESEARCH SAYS: Giving ourselves a little extra motivation such as a reward system to accomplish uncomfortable or mundane tasks works. There are four types of rewards: Regenerative: rewards that recharge your body and brain such as going for a walk or talking with a […]

(TR#248) Turning Mistakes into Mastery

WHAT IF…you didn’t feel the need to be perfect? RESEARCH SAYS: Thankfully I’m not a perfectionist, but I know many who are, and…it’s stressful! It can lead to paralysis, a fear of mistakes, missed deadlines, anxiety, and low self-confidence. But the truth is…you are not perfect! You are flawed. Everyone is a bit weird even […]

(TR#233) Make Friends with Structure

WHAT IF…”going with the flow” could actually disrupt your flow? RESEARCH SAYS: Creativity and structure actually work together. When you’re trying to rise to the next level, sticking to a schedule and setting goals isn’t a drag—it helps your brain focus and gain traction. TRY THIS: Think of one creative goal you’d like to accomplish […]

(TR#191) Patience is the Engine of Success – Part I

WHAT IF…patience is key in achieving success across every aspect of our lives? RESEARCH SAYS: When asked to choose between winning a small prize immediately and larger prizes where they would have to wait several weeks to claim, 70% of people chose the smaller-sooner prize. Those who chose to wait treasured their rewards more highly […]

(TR#160) Boost Your Confidence

WHAT IF… confidence is often the single differentiator between people who get what they want and people who don’t? RESEARCH SAYS: There are many things you can do to boost your confidence: Focus on your successes every day. Do not over complicate. You want something? Create a plan to make it yours. Focus on what […]