(TR#183) How to Motivate Anyone

WHAT IF…you could motivate anyone? RESEARCH SAYS: Humans have one of three prime motives. Some people are driven to compete–to be number one. Others are driven to achieve–to do something remarkable. Others are motivated to serve and help others. To reach everyone simply present a goal so that serving others will make you number one […]

(TR#179) Make the First Move

WHAT IF…making the first move can be a great advantage? RESEARCH SAYS: When it comes to negotiation the first move shows confidence, and confidence is a big advantage. In situations of great ambiguity and uncertainty, first offers have a strong anchoring effect—they exert a strong pull throughout the rest of the negotiation. Harvard Law School […]

(TR#158) Win Your Own Oscar

WHAT IF… the key to happiness is answering three simple questions? What’s up with Matthew McConaughey? His Oscar speech was a 90-second seminar. It seemed a bit weird, but he had something to say that bears thinking about. Here’s what he says he needs every day: Someone to look up to. (For Matthew… God.) Something […]

(TR#134) Stand Up For Yourself

WHAT IF… you could feel more powerful with posture? RESEARCH SAYS: Opening up your body and filling more space, known as a “power posture,” has been shown in studies to have a range of confidence-boosting effects. For example, clenching your hands behind your head and putting your feet up on the desk or standing feet […]

(TR#110) Build a Positive People Network

WHAT IF… there is truth in “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” RESEARCH SAYS: 60 to 90% of all jobs are found through networking. That’s right. A strong network is a community of people who support each other, who provide emotional support and information that will help each other. You will learn […]