(TR#186) Meaning and Happiness

WHAT IF…a meaningful life is the underlying cause of a happy life? RESEARCH SAYS: Happiness is often mis-associated with selfish “taking” behavior and meaning is associated with selfless “giving” behavior. But genuine happiness isn’t just about “feeling good.” To be persistently happy you need to feel connected to something bigger than the self. Happiness is […]

(TR#165) The Real Secrets of Happiness

WHAT IF… the most important factor to your happiness has nothing to do with you? RESEARCH SAYS: A recent study reveals that the happiest people (10 on a 10 point scale) did not report having the highest levels of income and education. That’s right. 10s earned significantly less money and had lower educational achievements than […]

(TR#158) Win Your Own Oscar

WHAT IF… the key to happiness is answering three simple questions? What’s up with Matthew McConaughey? His Oscar speech was a 90-second seminar. It seemed a bit weird, but he had something to say that bears thinking about. Here’s what he says he needs every day: Someone to look up to. (For Matthew… God.) Something […]

(TR#146) Learn to Trust Your Gut

WHAT IF… your gut feelings were actually your brain at work? RESEARCH SAYS: UCLA neuroscientist Daniel Siegal, MD confirms that we have actual brain cells distributed throughout our body, including our gut. These brain cells are especially sensitive to intuitive thinking. Intuition is actually pattern recognition about clues outside our consciousness. So when our gut’s […]

(TR#121) Light Up Your Own Life

WHAT IF… you focus on what’s really important this holiday season? RESEARCH SAYS: Holidays serve a bigger purpose than time off work and a honey baked ham. According to physiologist Judy Marshall, the holidays are a time of personal journey and affirmation of meaning. Holidays take us from one period of our lives to the […]