(TR#454) Fighting with Your Partner is a GOOD sign!

PONDER THIS: What if fighting with your partner was a good sign? RESEARCH SAYS: Those couples who proudly insist “we never fight” might actually be worse off than couples who do argue. Infatuation often leads us to lose our identity by constantly compromising to our partner. The healthiest relationships have a give-and-take–sometimes passionate–that helps both partners to […]

(TR#452) Leaving Everyday Stress at Work

PONDER THIS: Can you keep your cool through a stressful day, but lose it later when little things in your relationship bother you? RESEARCH SAYS: The greater the stress in our daily lives, the more reactive we are to normal relationship ups and downs. The key is to wash away our daily stress before we engage our […]

(TR#431) The Small Things That Make a Big Difference

WHAT IF . . . how you celebrate is more predictive of strong relationships than how you fight? RESEARCH SAYS: It’s true. Making a fuss over the small, good things that happen every day can boost the health of your relationship with a loved one. It’s not enough to say, “Good job!” or “I’m proud […]

(TR#430) Tease Your Way to Stronger Relationships

WHAT IF . . . teasing the one you love makes you love each other more? RESEARCH SAYS: Okay, so I may enjoy a little teasing now and then. I can’t help myself! Playfully teasing my wife puts a smile on my face, and she can certainly dish it out herself. But it turns out […]

(TR#429) How to Tell Them You Love Them

What if . . . you have a love language? RESEARCH SAYS: According to Dr. Gary Chapman we all have a “love language,” which is the way in which we truly feel loved. Those languages are physical affection, compliments or words of affirmation, quality time together, acts of service, and receiving gifts. All of us […]