#113–How to Be Friends with an “X-Man”

Do you have a friend who morphs into strange, unrecognizable forms when stress or sadness hit them? Because you love them, you try everything to help them get over their emotional hurdle, only to find that it’s really more of a mountain. On their good days, people who are prone to anxiety or depression are […]


#100–How Being Jealous Can Help You

I have to admit, I’m a competitive person. As a kid, I wanted to be the best at everything, which made me really jealous of…well, almost everyone. That widespread jealousy has evaporated, as I’ve defined my personal goals. But sometimes I’ll still find myself inflamed with envy, when someone in my field seems to be […]

Admiration, Right-Side-Up

I spent most of my childhood (and a shameful number of young adult years) being jealous of my sister. Not my older sister, mind you. No, I’m the oldest. And I was jealous of my younger sister. Is that common? If it is, apparently all the jealous older sisters were keeping mum about it, like I was. […]

Taking Joy into Your Own Hands

Joy. It’s a by-word of the holiday season. You’ll hear it repeated in carols, see it spelled in twinkle-lights, and read it in hundreds of greeting cards (and advertisements). If we could really experience joy every time we hear, see, and read it during the holidays, what would that be like? Here’s what: We’d never […]

Get Giving Back

It’s not a question we spend much time thinking about, until our credit cards are strapped, our brains are fried, and there’s only a few moments left before “Go” time… Why do we give each other presents at the holidays? It seems especially silly when you learn that, statistically, most gifts are repeats of something a person […]