#77–Piecing Together a Broken Relationship

We all dream of that perfect friend. The one who’s always there, who lets us be ourselves, who never lets us down. Some of us are even lucky enough to find that friend…and are hurt the most when that friend fails us. Maybe you’ve had that happen, and you can’t get over it. Or maybe […]


#76–How Your Passion Can Gather Steam

Innovation is like steam in a kettle. If you don’t let some out, eventually the pressure grows until it blows the lid off. How often do we let the force of our great idea escape, little by little, through just talking about it? Psychologists have found that those who only disclose their intentions to a […]


#68–How Full Disclosure Can Help You Grow

It’s two weeks into the new year, and if you’re a normal human being, you’ve probably had at least one setback in your resolution by now. We tend to want to keep our failures to ourselves, either out of embarrassment or simply the desire to not be a “complainer.” But there’s a big difference between […]

Admiration, Right-Side-Up

I spent most of my childhood (and a shameful number of young adult years) being jealous of my sister. Not my older sister, mind you. No, I’m the oldest. And I was jealous of my younger sister. Is that common? If it is, apparently all the jealous older sisters were keeping mum about it, like I was. […]

Taking Joy into Your Own Hands

Joy. It’s a by-word of the holiday season. You’ll hear it repeated in carols, see it spelled in twinkle-lights, and read it in hundreds of greeting cards (and advertisements). If we could really experience joy every time we hear, see, and read it during the holidays, what would that be like? Here’s what: We’d never […]