(TR#23) A Better Brain in Just 10 Minutes a Day

PONDER THIS: How often do you take a break from the stresses of your day to…chat? RESEARCH SAYS: I’m a talker. I can’t help it. I love to talk. That’s probably why I was thrilled to learn that talking actually makes you smarter. Great isn’t it?! We’re social beings by nature, and studies show that […]

(TR#18) What Are The Holidays Really All About?

PONDER THIS: We are all so super busy at the holidays that it’s easy to lose track of what really makes us happy- giving ourselves to others. RESEARCH SAYS: A recent study found that even children are happier to give than receive. One researcher said, “The joy of helping others is an inherent part of […]

(TR#6) Leave Your Stress at Work

PONDER THIS: Can you keep your cool through a stressful day, but lose it later when little things in your relationship bother you? RESEARCH SAYS: The greater the stress in our daily lives, the more reactive we are to normal relationship ups and downs. The key is to wash away our daily stress before we […]

(TR#5) Fall in Love Again

PONDER THIS: Is your relationship about real connection, or just convenience? RESEARCH SAYS: Being with someone a long time doesn’t necessarily make for true intimacy. A recent study says we often stay in a relationship because it’s comfortable and easy. The trouble is, we all evolve and if we stop getting to know each other, […]

#113–How to Be Friends with an “X-Man”

Do you have a friend who morphs into strange, unrecognizable forms when stress or sadness hit them? Because you love them, you try everything to help them get over their emotional hurdle, only to find that it’s really more of a mountain. On their good days, people who are prone to anxiety or depression are […]