(TR#433) What Your Holiday Lights Say about Your Neighborhood

WHAT IF . . . your holiday decorations say a lot about your community pride? RESEARCH SAYS: I have to admit, I drag my feet a little when it comes to putting up my outdoor Christmas lights. It’s a lot of work to just have to undo one month later! But it turns out those […]

(TR#431) The Small Things That Make a Big Difference

WHAT IF . . . how you celebrate is more predictive of strong relationships than how you fight? RESEARCH SAYS: It’s true. Making a fuss over the small, good things that happen every day can boost the health of your relationship with a loved one. It’s not enough to say, “Good job!” or “I’m proud […]

(TR#430) Tease Your Way to Stronger Relationships

WHAT IF . . . teasing the one you love makes you love each other more? RESEARCH SAYS: Okay, so I may enjoy a little teasing now and then. I can’t help myself! Playfully teasing my wife puts a smile on my face, and she can certainly dish it out herself. But it turns out […]

(TR#415) Are You Really in Love with Your Phone?

WHAT IF . . . your relationship with your phone is making you less productive? RESEARCH SAYS: Those who check their email, texts, and digital connections less often are more productive at work and happier with their in-person relationships. Research tells us that it’s easy to make our primary relationship with our smart phone. We […]

(TR#245) How to Teach Kindness

WHAT IF…we’ve lost sight of kindness? RESEARCH SAYS: 80% of youth said their parents were more concerned with their achievement or happiness than whether they care for others. But the ability to be caring is most important of all. Here are five strategies to raise moral, caring children: Make caring for others a priority. Children […]