Be Careful Who Is Listening

When we are listened to, it creates us… -Karl Menninger What feels better than being listened to? Listening is the new Step 1 of relationship health and psychological therapy. When we are allowed to talk freely about our problems, we often find that we can talk ourselves right out of them. Sometimes, we just need […]

Love Off the Hook

Some of my favorite movies are those dopey, old-timey romantic comedies. Like “Bringing Up Baby”, or “Born Yesterday.” In those movies, the brainy scientist fellow collides with an impulsive, big-hearted dame, who gets his head out of the books and into a pair of rose-colored glasses. We tend to think of people as falling into […]

Love WITH Your Limits

I was recently talking with a friend. Listening, really, as he lamented a recent new hire he’d brought into his firm. “Why did you hire him in the first place?” I asked my friend. “This kid was the greatest intern we’d ever had,” my friend told me. “He asked great questions. He always showed up […]

Mine the Past to Enrich the Present

I love hearing storybooks read to children. If I overhear a bedtime story being read at a friend’s house, or even if I happen upon “Story Time” at a bookstore, I shamelessly listen in. I love the way people change when they’re trying to entertain children. Their eyes grow wide, their voices become gentle.¬†They become […]

Family Ties

It never fails–the funniest stories are about things that weren’t funny at all when they happened. Here’s one my friend recently told me: He was just finishing a five-point lecture to his daughter on the dangers of credit card debt. (Bear in mind, she is only 14, and doesn’t have a credit card. The lecture […]