Kids–the New Life Coaches

The majority of my adolescent free time was spent babysitting. And it wasn’t because of any deep love for children or selfless desire to give the neighborhood parents a night out. No, the allure of babysitting for me can be summed up in a simple equation: ¬†Money + Food. Net gains of $30-50 per night, […]

5 Tips for Mending a Tattered Friendship

In friendship, the fight to end all fights is one that you fight with yourself. So the relationship has hit a wall. There’s an insurmountable issue between you. Things aren’t the same anymore. It’s all too natural to take a side. We blame the other person, and throw all the fault at their doorstep. Or […]

How to Love Big on a Budget

How much would you be willing to pay, in order to realize your deepest thoughts and feelings? Or to dramatically improve the world of someone you love? You’re in luck–at the current rate, it costs just 44 cents. Although they’re predicting it will be up to 50 within the next couple of years. Do you […]

Be Careful Who Is Listening

When we are listened to, it creates us… -Karl Menninger What feels better than being listened to? Listening is the new Step 1 of relationship health and psychological therapy. When we are allowed to talk freely about our problems, we often find that we can talk ourselves right out of them. Sometimes, we just need […]

Love Off the Hook

Some of my favorite movies are those dopey, old-timey romantic comedies. Like “Bringing Up Baby”, or “Born Yesterday.” In those movies, the brainy scientist fellow collides with an impulsive, big-hearted dame, who gets his head out of the books and into a pair of rose-colored glasses. We tend to think of people as falling into […]