Love Off the Hook

Some of my favorite movies are those dopey, old-timey romantic comedies. Like “Bringing Up Baby”, or “Born Yesterday.” In those movies, the brainy scientist fellow collides with an impulsive, big-hearted dame, who gets his head out of the books and into a pair of rose-colored glasses. We tend to think of people as falling into […]

Love WITH Your Limits

I was recently talking with a friend. Listening, really, as he lamented a recent new hire he’d brought into his firm. “Why did you hire him in the first place?” I asked my friend. “This kid was the greatest intern we’d ever had,” my friend told me. “He asked great questions. He always showed up […]

Mine the Past to Enrich the Present

I love hearing storybooks read to children. If I overhear a bedtime story being read at a friend’s house, or even if I happen upon “Story Time” at a bookstore, I shamelessly listen in. I love the way people change when they’re trying to entertain children. Their eyes grow wide, their voices become gentle. They become […]

Family Ties

It never fails–the funniest stories are about things that weren’t funny at all when they happened. Here’s one my friend recently told me: He was just finishing a five-point lecture to his daughter on the dangers of credit card debt. (Bear in mind, she is only 14, and doesn’t have a credit card. The lecture […]

Simple Pleasures

The New York State Department of Health has created a program for those with dementia characterized by aggressive, antisocial behavior. It’s called the Simple Pleasures program, and it engages patients with the same kind of “toys” you might find at a Montessori school. Sewing cards, butterfly nets, a cloth purse with lots of pockets and zippers, […]