Mine the Past to Enrich the Present

I love hearing storybooks read to children. If I overhear a bedtime story being read at a friend’s house, or even if I happen upon “Story Time” at a bookstore, I shamelessly listen in. I love the way people change when they’re trying to entertain children. Their eyes grow wide, their voices become gentle. They become […]

Family Ties

It never fails–the funniest stories are about things that weren’t funny at all when they happened. Here’s one my friend recently told me: He was just finishing a five-point lecture to his daughter on the dangers of credit card debt. (Bear in mind, she is only 14, and doesn’t have a credit card. The lecture […]

Simple Pleasures

The New York State Department of Health has created a program for those with dementia characterized by aggressive, antisocial behavior. It’s called the Simple Pleasures program, and it engages patients with the same kind of “toys” you might find at a Montessori school. Sewing cards, butterfly nets, a cloth purse with lots of pockets and zippers, […]

How to Love Big on a Budget

How much would you be willing to pay, in order to realize your deepest thoughts and feelings? Or to dramatically improve the world of someone you love? You’re in luck–at the current rate, it costs just 44 cents. Although they’re predicting it will be up to 50 within the next couple of years. Do you […]

The Power of Vulnerability

I’m going to ask a question. Your answer will place you as one of two kinds of people. So here it is: Do you agree or disagree with the following phrase? “I hate vulnerability.” If you said “Agree,” you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the majority. Vulnerability is letting yourself be left hanging. It’s […]