(TR #453) A Weekly “Worry Journal” will Lead to Less Stress

PONDER THIS: Venting, ranting, and complaining can ignite the flames of unhappiness. RESEARCH SAYS: We become whatever we emotionally think about. Studies show that people who talk too long about their problems increase their risk for depression and anxiety. It turns out the more we dramatize our frustrations the more our brain churns about our stressors even […]

(TR#445) You Don’t Have to Master Meditation

WHAT IF . . . meditation is easier than you think? RESEARCH SAYS: Meditation is easier than you think! And the benefits far outweigh any discomfort you may feel when first starting to meditate. Here are a few tips to help: Your mind will quiet itself. It doesn’t have to take more than a few […]

(TR#444) 3 Tips to Get Relief From Anxiety

WHAT IF . . . anxiety is holding you back? RESEARCH SAYS: Most of us live with a little anxiety, but when your anxiety paralyzes you, it’s time to break free of anxiety traps. Here are some of those traps: You hesitate to act until you’re 100% ready. You obsess about mistakes. You dread criticism. […]

(TR#442) When Chasing Happiness Is a Problem

WHAT IF . . . over-pursuing happiness can be as bad for you as no happiness at all? RESEARCH SAYS: Studies show over-pursuing happiness may be detrimental to your mental and physical health. People who express a full range of emotions including anger, worry and sadness are actually healthier and less depressed than those whose […]

(TR#434) What to Do If the Holidays Have You Down

WHAT IF . . . It’s not uncommon to struggle during the holidays. RESEARCH SAYS: Sometimes the holidays can be, well, not always merry and bright. But here are few strategies to help bring the cheer to your holiday season: Moderate your expectations. Don’t run yourself ragged unnecessarily trying to get ready for the holidays. […]