(TR#25) Need a Vacation?

PONDER THIS: Are the winter blues making you stir-crazy, but you can’t leave town? RESEARCH SAYS: Did you know that foreign vacations aren’t only good for your spirit but also good for your mind? It turns out that getting outside the comforts of your own home and into a foreign culture builds vital neural pathways […]


(TR#9) Laugh It All Up

PONDER THIS: Could laughter save your life? RESEARCH SAYS: Genuine belly laughter makes the diaphragm flutter hard and fast, pumping your lymphatic system and draining toxins from your bloodstream. It also expands your lung capacity, fueling your heart with more oxygen. No wonder they call it having a “hearty” laugh! All this isn’t even counting […]


(TR#3) Improve Your Work with a Mini-Vacation!

PONDER THIS: Could you be harming your work by not taking a vacation? RESEARCH SAYS: Rest and recreation are a necessity, not a luxury. Without them, our bodies stay in emergency mode, which means stress. This doesn’t just cause health problems; it actually causes our mental powers to stall. But studies have found that productivity […]

Boy with finger puppets

#125–Learn Your Purpose with the Elmo Principle

If you saw last year’s documentary about the man behind the world’s most beloved puppet, you may have been impressed (as I was) by Kevin Clash’s dedication to his craft. Here’s a guy who invested himself in an eccentric niche market of the entertainment sector, and blew it wide open into a multimedia phenomenon. Funny […]

Unplug and De-stress

I talk and write a lot about work life harmony and the pursuit of happiness these days. There is a lot of interest in it both in the workplace as well as for individuals just trying to re-engage with feeling life instead of just coping with it. Debbie and I took yesterday to go up […]