(TR#319) Laugh If You Want to Live!

WHAT IF…nothing feels better than a really good, boisterous, genuine laugh? RESEARCH SAYS: I love to laugh…and who doesn’t?! Laughter has physical, mental and social benefits. It boosts your immunity, lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, relaxes your muscles, and prevents heart disease. It also improves your mood, eases anxiety and fear, and enhances your resilience. […]

Hands with an ink pen

(TR#316) Writing Makes You Wise

WHAT IF…writing in a journal makes you wise? RESEARCH SAYS: My grandmother was an avid journal writer. And boy do I love her journals! She has long since passed away but through her journals I still stay connected to her. But journaling isn’t just for your posterity. It’s also for you. Journaling has proven to […]


(TR#314) Cook Away Stress

WHAT IF…the kitchen can be a sanctuary? RESEARCH SAYS: I love to cook. There’s something about having all of the ingredients come together to make something delicious that revs me up. It turns out that health care clinics and counselors are taking advantage of this feeling that comes from cooking. They are using cooking or […]

chocolate cake

(TR#308) Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Chocolate?

WHAT IF…you can enjoy chocolate even more by eating it less? RESEARCH SAYS: I love chocolate cake. To fulfill my appetite for chocolate cake I used to go to All You Can Eat buffets and push my face into several pieces of warm, squishy cake. The cake wasn’t that great, but hey, I could have […]

World Peace

(TR#306) Create Your Way to Well-Being

WHAT IF…you could go back to the childhood fun of making a handprint turkey or a rainbow with colored cereal? RESEARCH SAYS: The extent of my artistic abilities is a pretty bad stick figure. But whether you’re good at it or not, making art can actually have a great impact on your overall well-being. According […]