Unplug and De-stress

I talk and write a lot about work life harmony and the pursuit of happiness these days. There is a lot of interest in it both in the workplace as well as for individuals just trying to re-engage with feeling life instead of just coping with it. Debbie and I took yesterday to go up […]


#105–The Best Way Ever to Get Healthy!

You know the pattern. A wedding, a high school reunion, or a tropical vacation looms on the horizon, and suddenly your diet is the first thing on your mind. Instead of rushing home to cuddle with a bag of chips, you’re rushing to the gym after work. You’re ordering skim milk in your lattes, and […]


#96—Engage Your Electives

What was your elective in high school/college? Did you go with painting or music, creative writing or drama? Wasn’t it a great moment of the day when you could leave trigonometry or physics behind, and spend the next 90 minutes singing showtunes with your school choir? “Electives” were instituted in the curriculum because educators saw […]


#93—“Give” Yourself Some Confidence

It happens to all of us–no matter how hard we try, we sometimes fail. Even at the things we’re good at! Sometimes you just have a down month (or year). And when it does, it can really make your confidence bottom out. But there’s a way to get your sense of personal power back on […]


#78–See the Art in Yourself

As a kid, I was uncoordinated. (Translation: clumsy.) I envied people who sailed over dodgeballs and darted through a soccer field like those gazelles on National Geographic specials. I never bothered asking why I couldn’t do it–I just knew I wasn’t one of them. Flash forward several years, and life is a chaotic muddle. I’d […]