#78–See the Art in Yourself

As a kid, I was uncoordinated. (Translation: clumsy.) I envied people who sailed over dodgeballs and darted through a soccer field like those gazelles on National Geographic specials. I never bothered asking why I couldn’t do it–I just knew I wasn’t one of them. Flash forward several years, and life is a chaotic muddle. I’d […]


#60–How to Take a Meaningful Vacation Right Now (Yes, Now)

You work hard at changing your life through positive action. Are you remembering to use your vacation days? Sometimes we put so much effort into curing stress, troubleshooting problems, and eliminating bad habits, we forget the real reason we’re doing it. To experience joy! The point of developing good habits is to get the most […]

Taking Joy into Your Own Hands

Joy. It’s a by-word of the holiday season. You’ll hear it repeated in carols, see it spelled in twinkle-lights, and read it in hundreds of greeting cards (and advertisements). If we could really experience joy every time we hear, see, and read it during the holidays, what would that be like? Here’s what: We’d never […]


#54–Free Yourself for Holiday Joy

Is there anything more laden with expectations than the holidays? We want the holidays to be warm and joyous, filled with celebration and the nurturing presence of family and good friends. But we’ve taken a hope and changed it into an expectation. And of course the marketing geniuses of our world have run with it. Result? Stress. […]

The One Thing that Maximizes Holiday Joy

Season’s expectations, everyone! Snowflakes, twinkling lights, candles and beautifully wrapped packages and warm smells and family. So. Much. Family. Whether your family is perfect, or nonexistent, there’s nothing like the holidays to make you feel like your life doesn’t stack up. To what? …I don’t think anybody knows. Between the media, the stores and the […]