(TR#201) Ellen is Right…Life’s a Dance

WHAT IF…you can dance your way to healthier brain? RESEARCH SAYS: I’m not a talented dancer (just ask my wife), but I love to dance. Losing myself to the rhythm of music just makes me happy. It turns out it’s also making me smarter. A 21-year study found that frequent dancing reduces your risk for […]


(TR#195) The Gift of Nature

WHAT IF…playing outside nurtures your inner well-being? RESEARCH SAYS: According to a new study, children who spend a significant amount of time playing outside (5 to 10 hours per week) feel spiritually connected to the earth and believe that they play a role in its protection. Children who are given plenty of free time to […]


(TR#187) Take a REAL Vacation

WHAT IF…you used all of your vacation days for real vacation time this year? RESEARCH SAYS: The average American worker uses just 51% of his or her paid vacation days. In addition, 61% of employees work while they’re on vacation. One-third of those who reported they’ve worked on vacation said they did it because they […]

Chocolate ice cream being eaten up

(TR#176) What Happens in Your Youth Doesn’t Stay in Your Youth

WHAT IF…what happens in your youth doesn’t stay in your youth…at least when it comes to health? RESEARCH SAYS: Can you remember when you could eat an entire carton of ice cream without blinking an eye? Me too. Ah…youth. But what you do in your youth does impact your health. Young adults with high blood […]

Businessman in cloud

(TR#173) Are You Daydreaming Into Frustration?

WHAT IF…daydreaming increases your stress, unhappiness, and self-frustration? RESEARCH SAYS: So…our minds wander. What’s the big deal? Actually according to new Harvard research a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. That’s because our minds tend to wander toward negative thoughts, even if we’re participating in something enjoyable. Mind-wandering also takes us away from the happiness […]