(TR#60) Get the Feeling of an Instant Raise without One

PONDER THIS: Do you take quality time out of your busy schedule for friends? RESEARCH SAYS: Spending time with friends is never time wasted. In fact, having a better social life can be worth as much as an additional $131,232 a year in terms of life satisfaction. That’s a six-figure raise! It’s been proven time […]


(TR#48) Life’s a Dance

PONDER THIS: When was the last time you danced…and I mean danced? Let your hair down, kicked off your shoes, and lost yourself to the music? RESEARCH SAYS: I’m not a talented dancer (just ask my wife), but I love to dance. Losing myself to the rhythm of music just makes me happy. It turns […]


(TR#29) The Dangers of Over Exercising

PONDER THIS: What if Ironman exercise causes our hearts to wear out? RESEARCH SAYS: New research by Dr. James H. O’Keefe reveals that overly long, extreme physical stress is not the way to live longer. Repeated running of more than four miles at a pace faster than 8 minutes/ mile and other prolonged intense aerobic […]


(TR#25) Need a Vacation?

PONDER THIS: Are the winter blues making you stir-crazy, but you can’t leave town? RESEARCH SAYS: Did you know that foreign vacations aren’t only good for your spirit but also good for your mind? It turns out that getting outside the comforts of your own home and into a foreign culture builds vital neural pathways […]


(TR#9) Laugh It All Up

PONDER THIS: Could laughter save your life? RESEARCH SAYS: Genuine belly laughter makes the diaphragm flutter hard and fast, pumping your lymphatic system and draining toxins from your bloodstream. It also expands your lung capacity, fueling your heart with more oxygen. No wonder they call it having a “hearty” laugh! All this isn’t even counting […]