(TR#301) Don’t Get Waterlogged

WHAT IF…you can drink too much water? RESEARCH SAYS: A new report about over-hydration in sports suggest that under certain circumstances you can drink too much fluids, and the consequences can be severe and even fatal. It turns out that dehydration during sports is rarely if ever dangerous while over-hydration is. It’s called hyponatremia or […]


(TR#298) The Nature Workout

WHAT IF…nature improves your mental and physical health? RESEARCH SAYS: I have surfed for over 50 years. These days I surf almost daily. Now we know why it makes me feel so good. When we involve ourselves in the beauty of nature, our bodies produce lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, meaning we are in a […]


(TR #297) The Real Value of Vacations

WHAT IF…you can strengthen your relationships by vacationing together? RESEARCH SAYS: Studies show that traveling together strengthens family bonds, improves communication, and reduces the possibility of divorce. 62% of adults say their earliest memories are of family vacations. 60% of children say they feel closer to their grandparents after a vacation together. 63% of people […]


(TR #293) Plan Your Happiness

WHAT IF…you can make the most of your vacation by planning ahead? RESEARCH SAYS: It turns out that anticipating a trip makes us even happier than the trip itself. It’s true. So want to get the most out of your vacation? Plan ahead! 90% of people say that the happiest vacations are planned more than […]


(TR #289) Do You Have a Friend You Absolutely Trust?

WHAT IF…. there’s a big difference between a Facebook connection and someone you’ve known since kindergarten? RESEARCH SAYS: We tend to divide the people we know into three categories–coworkers, family, and friends. True friends are a combination of connection, comfort, and commitment. In other words, people you relate strongly to, whom you feel good around, […]