(TR#139) Be Your Own Energy Drink

WHAT IF… energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance? RESEARCH SAYS: My friend, Dr. Jim Loehr, has helped 100s of athletes and 1,000s of executive increase their energy. His main lesson is that focusing less on hours of work and more on doing what it takes to be at your best will […]

Surfer watching the waves

(TR#126) Why Surfing Is Good For My Brain

WHAT IF… hobbies, parties, and fun make your brain stronger? RESEARCH SAYS: A study at Columbia University found that people with more than six intellectual, physical, or social leisure activities were 38% less likely to develop dementia — and with each additional hobby, their risk decreased by another 8%. The fresh neural connections established as […]


(TR#83) Don’t Sit There. Do Something!

WHAT IF…you could learn and master a new skill faster? RESEARCH SAYS: We learn fastest by practicing what we are trying to learn. I know, some people want to read the instructions or watch others. That’s a good way to get oriented. But 40 years of learning research confirms the fastest way to learn is […]


(TR#66) Find Your Happy Balance

PONDER THIS: How’s your balance? RESEARCH SAYS: I surf so balance is important to me. Balance is actually very important to both full body health and personal optimism. Now we know that balance in the body leads to balance in the brain. Balance-training centers your attention, strengthens your core, and improves coordination. It also improves […]


(TR#60) Get the Feeling of an Instant Raise without One

PONDER THIS: Do you take quality time out of your busy schedule for friends? RESEARCH SAYS: Spending time with friends is never time wasted. In fact, having a better social life can be worth as much as an additional $131,232 a year in terms of life satisfaction. That’s a six-figure raise! It’s been proven time […]