(TR#222) Your Clothes Talk to You

WHAT IF…what you wear makes a big impression on your inner identity? RESEARCH SAYS: What you wear can inform people of your ambitions, emotions, and spending habits. But clothes not only say things about you but also to you. A Northwestern University study examined “enclothed cognition” in which participants wore the same lab coat while […]


(TR#216) Waste Your Time Wisely

WHAT IF…you can overcome mind fatigue by learning something new and interesting about a topic unrelated to your task at hand? RESEARCH SAYS: There are two things our brains love, almost to the point of addiction: 1) novelty and 2) success. Learning anything new and interesting gives you a feeling of success. It’s called “Discovery” […]


(TR#212) Volunteer Your Way to Happiness

WHAT IF…the most important factor to your happiness is not what you might think? RESEARCH SAYS: A recent study reveals that the happiest people (10 on a 10 point scale) did not report the highest levels of income and education. That’s right. 10s earned significantly less money and had lower educational achievements than their moderately […]


(TR#210) The Downside of Technology

WHAT IF…your technology is taking over your life? RESEARCH SAYS: Yes…technology has made us both more efficient and busier. Technology is a great servant but a terrible master. Here’s a list of technology traps we should try to avoid: Taking a picture of a great moment instead of enjoying it. Scrolling through your news feed […]


(TR#207) Cycle for Life

WHAT IF…cyclists are among the healthiest people alive? RESEARCH SAYS: Just one hour on a bike burns well over 500 calories, depending on incline and speed. Cycling can also help slow the decline of cardiovascular health in older people. It also uses a range of muscles, including your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and even your core. […]