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(TR#173) Are You Daydreaming Into Frustration?

WHAT IF…daydreaming increases your stress, unhappiness, and self-frustration? RESEARCH SAYS: So…our minds wander. What’s the big deal? Actually according to new Harvard research a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. That’s because our minds tend to wander toward negative thoughts, even if we’re participating in something enjoyable. Mind-wandering also takes us away from the happiness […]


(TR#166) Try a Mini-Meditation

WHAT IF… you do have time to meditate every day? RESEARCH SAYS: No matter how busy you are, you can find ways to be more mindful every day. Here are a few suggestions from Barbara Ann Kipfer, author of Self-Meditation: When you’re driving, focus solely on that experience. “Feel the steering wheel, the pedals, the […]

(TR#161) Choose Experience Over Possessions

WHAT IF… happiness from new experiences outlasts happiness from a new possession? RESEARCH SAYS: Can you remember what gifts you got for the holidays last year? How about five years ago? Ten years? Me neither. Scientists say that’s because the initial joy of getting a new object, such as a new car, fades over time […]


(TR#139) Be Your Own Energy Drink

WHAT IF… energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance? RESEARCH SAYS: My friend, Dr. Jim Loehr, has helped 100s of athletes and 1,000s of executive increase their energy. His main lesson is that focusing less on hours of work and more on doing what it takes to be at your best will […]

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(TR#126) Why Surfing Is Good For My Brain

WHAT IF… hobbies, parties, and fun make your brain stronger? RESEARCH SAYS: A study at Columbia University found that people with more than six intellectual, physical, or social leisure activities were 38% less likely to develop dementia — and with each additional hobby, their risk decreased by another 8%. The fresh neural connections established as […]