(TR#445) You Don’t Have to Master Meditation

WHAT IF . . . meditation is easier than you think? RESEARCH SAYS: Meditation is easier than you think! And the benefits far outweigh any discomfort you may feel when first starting to meditate. Here are a few tips to help: Your mind will quiet itself. It doesn’t have to take more than a few […]

(TR#440) How the Brightest Light Affects Mental Health

WHAT IF . . . sunshine is the best medicine? RESEARCH SAYS: While the link between sunshine and mental health isn’t new, a recent study reveals that the association is even stronger than previously thought. In fact, sunlight exposure is by far the greatest weather-related factor determining our mental health. Exposure to sunlight is a […]

(TR#428) The Biggest Predictor of Success

WHAT IF . . . success doesn’t really bring us happiness? RESEARCH SAYS: It’s the other way around. Happiness brings success. Yep. Happiness . . . brings success. According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, if you can raise your level of optimism or deepen your social connection or raise happiness, every single […]

(TR#412) How Your Neighborhood Determines Your Health

WHAT IF . . . you love where you live? RESEARCH SAYS: People who like their hometown and their neighbors are less anxious and have higher well-being. They’re less likely to experience illness, heart attacks, or stroke and they even live longer. One survey even found that the happier residents are with their town the […]

(TR#410) Give Yourself Inner Spirituality

WHAT IF . . . you found a connection to the universe? RESEARCH SAYS: It doesn’t matter what religion or belief system you follow, new research from the University of Missouri found that any type of spirituality enhances a person’s heath – particularly mental health! With increased spirituality people reduce their sense of self and […]