(TR#452) Leaving Everyday Stress at Work

PONDER THIS: Can you keep your cool through a stressful day, but lose it later when little things in your relationship bother you? RESEARCH SAYS: The greater the stress in our daily lives, the more reactive we are to normal relationship ups and downs. The key is to wash away our daily stress before we engage our […]

(TR#446) How Plants Improve Your Health

WHAT IF . . . adding a little green to your space could reduce fatigue? RESEARCH SAYS: I am notorious for my black thumb. Fortunately for me, my wife has a green thumb. She loves plants of any kind and has them displayed all over our house. It turns out that plants are good for […]

(TR#433) What Your Holiday Lights Say about Your Neighborhood

WHAT IF . . . your holiday decorations say a lot about your community pride? RESEARCH SAYS: I have to admit, I drag my feet a little when it comes to putting up my outdoor Christmas lights. It’s a lot of work to just have to undo one month later! But it turns out those […]

(TR#423) High Expectations

WHAT IF . . . people who expect more, get more? At least when it comes to marriage. RESEARCH SAYS: According to the book For Better by Tara Parker-Pope, “People who have idealistic standards, who really want to be treated well and who are willing to create romance and passion in their marriage, end up […]

(TR#414) How Prayer Makes Your Relationships Stronger

WHAT IF . . . prayer makes your relationships stronger? (As a wise man said, “It’s unwise to eliminate the possibility of anything.”) RESEARCH SAYS: Close friends and romantic partners praying for each other’s well-being can lead to stronger relationships with more cooperation and forgiveness, a study by researchers at Florida State University and three […]