(TR#451) How to Be as Creative as Da Vinci

WHAT IF . . . taking notes makes you smarter? RESEARCH SAYS: Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci filled notebook after notebook with ideas, inventions, sketches, and more? It turns out Da Vinci was on to something. We become smarter because the act of writing or drawing excites different parts of our brains so […]

(TR#447) How to Get as Much as You Give

WHAT IF . . . Money actually really does buy happiness? It does, but not in the way you might think! RESEARCH SAYS: Charitable giving is scientifically proven to benefit the giver as much as the receiver. It works just like a positive feedback loop: giving makes people happier, and happier people give more. And […]

(TR#427) Our Most Powerful Force to Increase Optimism

WHAT IF . . . gratitude is the most powerful force we have to increase positive feelings of optimism, creativity, and friendliness? RESEARCH SAYS: If you can spend 90 seconds, 3 times a day on what you’re grateful for you will actually build more brain capacity to feel happiness and well-being. That’s because gratitude exercises […]

(TR#408) Will You Work for Meaning?

WHAT IF . . . the best perk at America’s best employers is the one you don’t see? RESEARCH SAYS: America’s best employers don’t create jobs; they make meaning . . . and that’s why these companies have the happiest and most engaged employees in the country. Employees who see that their daily jobs have […]

(TR#393) What’s In a Name?

WHAT IF . . . your name holds power? RESEARCH SAYS: I was named after my grandpa, and I’ve always taken a lot of pride in that. He was a hard-working, honest man, and I want to live up to the legacy of his name. Scientific research supports the notion that influential power comes attached […]