(TR#443) How to Beat the Budgeting Blues

WHAT IF . . . budgeting can make you happy? RESEARCH SAYS: Yep, you read it right. Budgeting doesn’t always mean spending less, just spending smarter. If you focus your financial resources on expenses that actually improve your quality of life while spending less on things that don’t, you’re happier! Here are a few tricks […]

(TR#438) How To Live Within Your Means

WHAT IF . . . you’re spending more than you are saving? RESEARCH SAYS: More than 75% of people between the ages of 18-24 who rent spend more than they earn every month (rent.com). The average American credit card debt is $7,115. Yikes! Here are some tips to help you live within your means: Know […]

(TR#377) Don’t Die of Boredom

WHAT IF . . . you found meaning in seemingly boring everyday tasks? RESARCH SAYS: Although boredom is often seen as a trivial and temporary discomfort, it can also be a chronic and pervasive stressor that can have significant consequences for health and well-being. The good news is that it can be alleviated by a […]

(TR#341) Happiness At Work

WHAT IF…there are clear factors that contribute to work happiness? RESEARCH SAYS: In his latest research, positive psychologist Timothy Sharp asked participants what are the top three contributors to happiness at work. He found five key steps to workplace happiness: Provide leadership and values: Embrace and practice clear values. Communicate clearly and effectively: Listen to […]

(TR #286) Doodle Your Way Better Performance

WHAT IF…doodling is associated with better learning, creativity and performance? RESEARCH SAYS: It’s true. Doodling is good for you! Doodling, the spontaneous act of drawing, typically in the margins of what you’re really supposed to be working on, helps you concentrate. Doodling while listening helps engage our executive resources so we don’t wander off to […]