(TR#449) When Clutter Isn’t So Bad

WHAT IF . . . being neat and organized isn’t always best? RESEARCH SAYS: I think we’ve all been led to believe that we need to be neat and organized; however new research suggests that tidiness isn’t always the answer. Participants tested in a messy room at a desk covered with paper came up with […]

(TR#444) 3 Tips to Get Relief From Anxiety

WHAT IF . . . anxiety is holding you back? RESEARCH SAYS: Most of us live with a little anxiety, but when your anxiety paralyzes you, it’s time to break free of anxiety traps. Here are some of those traps: You hesitate to act until you’re 100% ready. You obsess about mistakes. You dread criticism. […]

(TR#442) When Chasing Happiness Is a Problem

WHAT IF . . . over-pursuing happiness can be as bad for you as no happiness at all? RESEARCH SAYS: Studies show over-pursuing happiness may be detrimental to your mental and physical health. People who express a full range of emotions including anger, worry and sadness are actually healthier and less depressed than those whose […]

(TR#441) Brain Agility and Peanut Butter

WHAT IF . . . doing something normal in a different way makes you smarter? RESEARCH SAYS: I have a grandson who is very particular about how his PB & J sandwich should be made—peanut butter on one slice, jam on the other, cut diagonally. But research says by taking a normal everyday activity like […]

(TR#437) 4 Steps to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

WHAT IF . . . you actually kept your New Year’s Resolution this year? RESEARCH SAYS: Only about 40% of people actually keep their New Year’s Resolution. Here’s how you can be one of them: Choose the right goal, something that’s personally important to you, not someone else. Also choose a goal that brings meaning […]