Better You

What do you want that you don’t have? I don’t just mean more stuff… I mean what do you want to do that you can’t do? How do you want to feel that you don’t feel?

So, what if you could do what you most deeply desire to do…

What if you could feel fulfilled almost all the time…

You can… the reason I know that is our American Dream Project research confirms that about 10% of us feel happy about our present life and are confident about our future over 90% of the time…sounds great but…

The bad news is if you are not a member of the 10% who are thriving you are likely to be chewing on a diet of stress, worry, confusion and fatigue. At least that is what massive amounts of social research shows.

So what’s causing all your anxiety? The vast majority of it starts with your habits.

We literally do the same thing over and over again expecting different results but the main result we get from our bad habits is stress, way too much stress. Take your work… your work is how you create value for others.

Sometimes we get paid for our work in the form of a job. Other times our work is voluntary like being a parent. In either case, your work has a disproportionate impact on the rest of your life. Work stress can put insane amounts of pressure on your health, your financial security, your relationships and your own self-realization.


What’s the way out of
this stress?

Well it’s not what most people do. It’s not looking for a new job or waiting for your boss to change… it’s not fighting with your loved ones to get them to change…it’s not hoping to win the lottery and it’s certainly not using stress strategies to hold back the tide of misery.
It’s simpler than that …it’s changing the way you automatically think and act…your habits…


Brain Achievement Map

There is a specific pattern that extraordinarily happy people use to take on challenges, achieve goals and live by their values.This pattern is a habitual way of thinking called a brain achievement map…or BAM.

The best brain achievement map is the BAM that enables you to use the full horsepower of your brain. This is the door to your best judgment – where you make better decisions, see opportunities and quit tolerating what should be intolerable.

Mental Focus
Inspired Commitment
Social Collaboration
Physical Vitality
Emotional Optimism

High-performing BAM puts you in a cycle of mental focus, inspired commitment, social collaboration, physical vitality and emotional optimism.

These are the five unique forces human beings use to thrive. Bad thinking habits–bad BAM–prevent us from using our five forces to their fullest potential.

The great news is you can change your BAM and I can help you do it quickly.


Your mission is my mission.
– Will Marré


I have spent 30 years studying the science of human change… I’ve been lucky…
Working with great partners and mentors like Stephen Covey ( 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and Jim Loehr (Human Performance Institute) I have had a hand in helping millions change their lives for good.

Here’s how I can help you today…

Every week I publish 2 Thought Rockets (right now they can come to you via email). These are science-based tips you can take action on right away to improve your work, your relationships and your lifestyle… the three domains of our lives.

These tips come from my research team who study the science of 15 factors that directly impact our positive well-being. I distill these tips into messages you can read in 30 seconds… each ends with a challenge for you to try something new. Some Thought Rockets you will just want to read and ponder. Others will motivate you to take immediate action… it all depends on your life situation… we all want what we can’t get and those are the things we act on.

If you will faithfully read think and act on 12 Thought Rockets your BAM will begin to shift. You will begin to get what you most deeply want more often…

One more thing…
If you’re wondering why I’m doing this it’s pretty simple. I’ve spent my life creating tools for effectiveness and job and life satisfaction for large corporate clients. Now that I am on my last lap of my professional life I don’t want all this great know-how to go to waste… so I want to make it as easy as possible for as many as possible to experience their best possible life. My personal belief is that we all have a difference to make… no one is extra… we all matter… If I can help you make your difference I have made mine.

If you have more time right now please also check out the award-winning Reclaiming your American Dream learning documentary found under the Better Life tab. It was shown on PBS stations across the country for over two years because it addresses the critical issues you face in the pursuit of your happiness and your dreams.

Thank you so much for coming to ThoughtRocket… I sincerely hope the coaching I offer you will help you become the Best You that you can imagine.
– Will Marré