Better Work

What if you could have work that enabled you to express your values and your purpose?
What if your work enabled you to grow to become more capable and fulfill your potential?
What if your effort at work made a big impact?
What if you could truly express the best parts of
your unique personality through your work?
What if your work gave you financial security?
Those are five big what-ifs… yet they are not pie in the sky.
In fact these are what people who are truly happy at work really experience.


You can too…
But no employer is going to do this for you. They can’t provide a great place to work… at least not over the long run.

The world is changing too fast and competition is too fierce for employers to take care of employees like they used to…so it is crazy to expect them to.

The truth is… you work for yourself…
no matter who signs your paycheck.

This is liberating… people who take full charge over their careers are 2 ½ times happier than people who were just working at their jobs.


So isn’t it time for you to discover the career that is your calling… the one that will make you fulfilled and happy?

The one that you can fully give yourself to.The one that is self-motivating. The one in which you’ll gladly pay the price to become great at… because doing the work is so intrinsically rewarding…

This is called your TRUE work… most people never find it. They make at least one of the four common mistakes: you turn your first job into your career or… you choose a salary or status instead of a career or… you’re pursuing someone else’s idea of a great career or… you thought your hobby would make a great job… nope, it turns out that doesn’t work very often either.


Most people make these mistakes because their brain achievement map (BAM) is a little fuzzy… yet when you carefully use the correct Brain Achievement Map your TRUE work becomes very clear.

Getting your work right is central to your happiness.

Research confirms that our work satisfaction has a huge impact on our relationships and our personal life… it just does.
You cannot be miserable in one area of your life and happy in the rest, we just aren’t wired that way. I have an answer for you.

I recently gave a speech to the alumni of the University of California San Diego. It focused on creating a career that is your calling.

Fortunately the speech was videotaped for University of California television ( and I have it for you right here. At the end of the speech I offer the viewer a worksheet they can download that enables you to get started on your next best step.

So, if you are interested… NO, if you are seriously motivated to make a difference only you can make I urge you to watch this video. It is had over 500,000 views on you which is almost a record! I think you’ll find it valuable because so many of the principles, ideas and actions are not what you are likely to have heard anywhere else.

In over 30 years of helping high achievers excel at their work I have found relatively few to be working in the sweet spot of who they really are and yet…

That makes all the difference!

Just click here to get started thinking about your work in an entirely new way.

What People Are Saying

Beth R:

It really made me reevaluate myself and learn about what kinds of things I really want to do that make me excited.
It changed my life so I can now see that it isn’t just going to be at grind but there is something I can find to do that’s really exciting and fun.
I feel that the course gave me the tools to be able to form habits that will help me achieve my goals

Betsy R:

Will reminded me that we are the creators of our world and that my current job is not my career. He inspired me to remember that there is something deep inside all of us, a core essence, that has something to give.
Will’s inspiration and compassion made me feel powerful.
This course gave me clarity on how to move forward I’ve already recommended it to others.

Carl D:

Will has a methodology, a systematic approach that really helped me look at where I am and where I should go. It was exactly what I was looking for.
Will uses some very specific questions that helps you get to the point quicker and it’s more reliable than other assessments I have taken. He also involves people who know you well that want you to succeed. I found that very helpful
It all made sense from beginning to end
I would recommend it and it’s not expensive in terms of money or in terms of time investment it gives you quick and profound insight in what to do and what your next steps need to be.
Will’s enthusiasm really brings the class to life. He communicates that he believes in you.

Diane H:

It exceeded my expectations
Will emphasized that your career was not your current job… this was different than what I expected.
Will emphasized that your best career and your ideal life have to fit together or you be less happy. Then He gave me away to fit everything together… all parts of it.
I’ve taken a lot of career assessments and at first that’s what I thought this was going to be about but it was so much deeper. Will gets you to understand your core values and how to turn those into a career… I’ve never experienced that before.
He’s really got the process down clearly. Will has a genuine energy and compassion that makes you feel that this is not about him it’s about me… that makes me highly motivated to make a difference.
Will is very engaging he has a lot of material to offer… a lot of insights and clearly shows personal and direct interest. It was a very positive experience

Henry P:

The course have lots of deep content… things that really matter. Will zeros in on the core issues which we are facing.
I never had the clarity of what I really wanted to do… so this course help me clearly understand on what I wanted to focus on and then figure out how to get started.
I like it because it was very intense it made me determined that this is the time for me to get really serious
What I liked about the course is you cannot just do it out and forget it. It grabs your attention and makes you seriously search for way to move forward… the course was excellent.

John C:

It exceeded my expectations. This is stuff is deeper and better than I’ve seen anywhere. It is really comprehensive in helping determine where my skills and my passion intersect and how to create new habits to have your life your were hoping for.
The tools and approaches will stick with me.
I like how the course comes from the standpoint of what your contribution is… how you can make your own life inspiring.
I liked the fact there was a lot of stories because those moments made the principles real and reinforced.
It was a very positive experience that leads me into anticipating my own future with enthusiasm.

Lindsay E:

I got more out of it that I had ever hoped.
It was really useful to have people that know me tell me what my it was so much more powerful than just self-evaluation.
It was really good for me. It was really encouraging and helped me walk a little taller.
It was inspiring to see how everyone has different gifts and that if we give them it will benefit the world.
Will reminded me not to give up and not think that I’m too small but that I should take what I do really seriously because it all matters.
I like how Will inject stories in real life situations that make it very personal.
I definitely recommend this course. I would say that this course allows you to self reflect so you can understand what really makes you go and then gives you practical steps to create a plan and put those things in the place to make something new happen.


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