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What if you could become a genius at being happy?
Some of the smartest people in history have advised that being happy should be the most energetic pursuit of our life, yet… in our modern high-pressure, high-stress era it seems the pursuit of happiness has been downgraded… something for sissies and hippies..

Our culture tells us to work hard, get rich, buy lots of stuff, get famous…
then you’ll be happy. But that’s just not true… in fact hundreds of studies on the causes of happiness now tell us exactly how happy people think and what they do that produces happiness.


In fact we’ve actually learned what happiness is…

It’s an inner feeling of positive well-being… an inner contentment that things are good and optimistic that they’re likely to stay that way. One of the most insightful discoveries about happiness is that happy people have three passions of life.

A passion for work
A passion for love
A passion for play

Happy people engage in work they find intrinsically worthwhile… work that helps them evolve into their best selves. Happy people have loving relationships that are deeply satisfying, loyal and intimate. Happy people have passionate interests that enable them to both express themselves and engage deeply in the healthy pleasures of life.

How do they do it?

They have a different Brain Achievement Map than most– their BAM creates happiness. So what’s the payoff of all this happiness?

Yes, it looks like Thomas Jefferson and his founding brothers had it right… the pursuit of genuine happiness will produce our best life.


Recent research confirms that happy people become more optimistic, resilient, focused, collaborative, creative, positive, solution-minded and courageous… not bad.

This research also indicates unhappy people get more pessimistic, confused, anxious, fatigued, cynical, problem-focused, and passive-aggressive… not good.

I spent eight years founding and heading up the American Dream Project to find out just exactly what the BAM (Brain Achievement Map) was of happy people in the 21st century.

To discover what they were thinking and doing to find the meaning, contentment and optimism that only authentic happiness brings I surveyed 26,000 Americans and interviewed hundreds…

The results of that project became the award-winning, learning documentary, Reclaiming Your American Dream that aired on PBS stations throughout the country for over two years. It has since been used in high school and college classes to generate personal plans on how to pursue a well-lived life.

Now you can view the documentary right now by just clicking on this link. I hope you’ll find it personally inspiring and stimulate you to pursue the best life you can imagine…

After you finish watching please take your Dream Life Assessment. It’s the same survey taken by the 26,000 Americans who took part in the project.

It will tell you exactly what’s working in your life and what’s not… and give you clear direction on what to work on that will have the biggest personal payoff in your pursuit of happiness.


Watch Now


After you view the documentary you may be interested in reading the book I wrote based on my experiences. It’s titled Save the World and Still be Home for Dinner. It contains 30 stories of people who are extraordinarily happy living extraordinary lives.

The lessons from the stories reveal the crucial principles that happy people use to make decisions and invest their time and energy to do their version of saving the world and still be home for dinner.