(TR#454) Fighting with Your Partner is a GOOD sign!

PONDER THISWhat if fighting with your partner was a good sign?

RESEARCH SAYS: Those couples who proudly insist “we never fight” might actually be worse off than couples who do argue. Infatuation often leads us to lose our identity by constantly compromising to our partner. The healthiest relationships have a give-and-take–sometimes passionate–that helps both partners to mature, learn, and be generous to each other. The key is to be as compassionate about your partner’s views as you are passionate about your own.

TRY THISThink back to the last time you argued with your partner. What was the real issue? Did you feel threatened by the actual issue, or just by the fact that you were disagreeing? Did other issues get snowballed into it that shouldn’t have been brought up at that moment? Tell us about how fighting makes you feel, and how you could do it better next time.

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